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Choosing the Right Rehab

How to Choose a Rehab Facility

Four Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Rehab

When it comes to picking the right rehab facility, it is crucial to thoroughly research all of the options available to you. This list of four critical factors will guide you in how to choose a rehab facility for your specific needs.
As this is an important decision, it is essential to take the necessary time to gather information and discuss it with your loved ones. Choosing a treatment center for addiction is a significant step towards taking control of your life and starting your path to recovery.

Tree House Recovery is an outpatient addiction treatment center located in Nashville, TN that focuses on helping individuals overcome substance use disorder. If you are currently considering a rehab, utilize our resources and contact our team at (615) 314-8310 to learn more.


When researching treatment centers, it is important to inquire about their success rates. Opting for a center with a high success rate will increase your chances of achieving long-term sobriety. It is also important to understand how they define success. At Tree House, every individual who enters our program becomes a part of our community. We regularly gather feedback to ensure the well-being of our patients and to continually improve our treatment methods. Our goal is to achieve high rates of success in sobriety and we believe that quality of life plays a vital role in achieving this goal. We believe that building a fulfilling life is the key to maintaining sobriety and our success rates are a testament to this approach.


88% of people who enter Tree House Recovery successfully finish the program.


% Of Tree House Graduates Still Sober After 1 Year


98% of our graduates report the ability to regulate and address negative emotions.


86% of our graduates continue the personal fitness plans from Tree House.


90% of graduates stay connected to their Tree House teammates.  


While a high rating is a good indicator, it is also important to take the time to read through the reviews. Look for reviews that provide a detailed account of why the rehab center is effective. If a person has truly experienced transformative treatment, they will likely provide more information than simply stating “this place saved my life.” They will share specific details about their experience.


When it comes to choosing a rehab facility, credentials are important but not the only factor to consider. Experience and healthy role modeling are equally important. Look for addiction therapists who lead by example. It is one thing to teach someone, but showing them how to live a sober life is more impactful. Opt for a rehab center that is staffed by individuals with a proven track record of maintaining long-term sobriety.

At Tree House, our team is comprised of dedicated professionals with a passion for assisting others in achieving sobriety. Many of our staff members have personally undergone the addiction treatment process and have successfully maintained long-term sobriety.

Justin has first-hand experience in what it takes to achieve and maintain sobriety. He has created the curriculum at Tree House Recovery based on his own successful journey of overcoming addiction.

brandon Fender

Drawing on his experience as a sober man, retired Marine, loving husband and father, Fender is an expert in teaching people to live healthy, happy, and sober lives.


Human connection plays a vital role in the healing process for individuals struggling with addiction. Developing and maintaining healthy relationships is crucial for a successful recovery. At Tree House Recovery, our approach to treatment incorporates this understanding and teaches patients how to be part of a supportive community. Building healthy relationships is the foundation of our treatment program.

Choosing a Rehab Is Made Easy at Tree House

We understand that choosing a rehab is a difficult decision. Our team is here to help you navigate the process and choose the best treatment option for your unique situation. Contact us at (615) 314-8310 to or reach out online today to learn more.

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