Tree House Recovery Tennessee

Justin McMillen | CEO

Justin McMillen

Tree House Founder and CEO

After beatting his own addiction, Justin McMillen set out to help others. In 2008, he started Tree House Sober Living, with the mission to helping those new in recovery who had nowhere else to go. For years he watch people get sober only to relapse in an endless cycle. Justin began studying substance use disorder. The sober living residence became a lab for his research that would ultimately lead to Tree House Recovery treatment solution. 

In 2013, Justin established Tree House Recovery (THR). He based THR’s treatment approach on his own success overcoming addiction and his research. To further improve the program design, he assembled a team of addiction treatment innovators. Together they redefined what drug and alcohol treatment needed to be. McMillens brain trust built our guiding principle for recovery—that there is a recipe for healthy living that leads to long-term sobriety. We teach each client to live a lifestyle that results in mind, body and social health. This healthy lifestyle approach has led to client success rates that are far exceeding what the addiction treatment norm. Our aim is to transform how addiction and treatment are talked about, thought about, and treated across the nation.

As CEO, McMillen hand in hand with his team and clients in pursuit of the most effective treatment. McMillen has teamed up with the author of Spark and Harvard Medical School’s Professor of Psychiatry, John J. Ratey, MD. He serves as a board member of Sparking Life Addiction Recovery to heighten awareness of the benefits of exercise as a part of addiction treatment.