Tree House Recovery Tennessee

Brandon Fender

Brandon Fender

Program Director | Nashville Tennessee

Brandon is an excellent clinician who brings a combination of strength based psychology, fitness therapy, and extensive life experience to each and every clinical session that he runs.  Fenders commitment to meeting clients where they are, mentally, emotionally, and physically is where he truly shines.  Brandon has overcome levels of physical, emotional, and mental pain that provide him with a rare insight into the hearts and minds of anyone struggling with mental health and addiction.  Through his own journey to hell and back Fender has paved the way for others to follow.  

“The Marine Corp taught me excellence, discipline, and honor.  These are things I use everyday.  Whether it’s being a good father to my 2 year old daughter, a good husband to my bride, or a good friend to someone in need. I had to learn how to do these things in the civilian world and now use all of it to save lives.”

  • Retired US Marine Corp Sergeant,
  • Iraq Afghanistan Combat Veteran
  • Trained at Tree House Academy and Research Institute under Ryan Bain 
  • CADC-1
  • Father
  • Hunter
brandon Fender

“There is nothing I won’t do, no place I won’t go, no approach I won’t try until you see the greatness in yourself that I see in you.”