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Karen Willock | Family Program

Karen Willock

Family Program Director

Karen Willock is an extraordinary human being who has 45 years of experience working in health and human services.  Karen spent the first 10 years of her career as a nurse and the last 34 years working in substance abuse treatment.   From administrator to program director, to counselor, Karen has helped thousands of men and women find and sustain recovery from substance abuse.   Her breadth of experience, both personally and professionally led her to developing and running one of the best family recovery programs in the nation. 

“The effects of addiction reach far beyond the addicted. Addiction destroys relationships, marriages and families.  My job is to help families and loved ones heal, that is what I do at Tree House.”

Her specialty lies in teaching parents how to maintain healthy boundaries and thoughtfully respond to their children’s addiction instead of falling back on old patterns. Karen has studied the neuroscience of addiction extensively to understand the best ways to help people. Her method is all goal-oriented—figuring out what would help people live the best life possible and how to get them there.

When Justin established Tree House Recovery in 2013, he based its treatment approach on his research and his own success with overcoming addiction. To further improve the program, he assembled a team of addiction treatment innovators who had redefined what drug and alcohol treatment should look like. This brain trust created, among other things, our guiding principle for recovery—that there is a recipe for healthy living that leads to long-term, sustainable sobriety. We teach clients to live this recipe like a lifestyle, and it has led to client success rates that are far exceeding what the addiction treatment industry has seen in the past. Our approach aims to transform how addiction and treatment are thought about, talked about, and conducted across the nation.

  • CADC II (certified drug and alcohol counselor)
  • 37 years of counseling experience
  • Certified in the 20 Concepts